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FDM Vs SLA, Mac Update, Bondtech Raise3D Upgrade

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New SLA choices, D7 Setup, The problem with non-proprietary resins, Lulzbot Mini UI

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Paste Exruders, Listener Eval of Filastruder, New vapor polishing technique, Lulzbot Mini 1st prints

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Black belt, Duplicator 7 First look, FUN with TPU

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SLA vs DLP vs LCD, The voronator, Profiles location used by S3D, Sculpting with Fusion 360 T- splines

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Slicer settings for the Mosaic Palette, Basics of Fusion360, Printing drilling jigs, Lulzbot Mini 1st look

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Interlayer adhesion problems, Making 4 part objects for the Palette, Ripped off on cgTrader, Fusion360 semi-parametric capabilities

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Gravity sketch, Slic3r variable layer height, Does It Make Sense to go big?, Mosaic Palette Transition Towers, Basic Slicing 4  - Retraction

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Listener Printer Fire, E3D Titan Aero, Fusion360 update, Starting a print with the Palette

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Casting Metal in 3D Prints, 3D Printing for Production, Virtual prototype Vs 3D Print, Overhead Spool mounting

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