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Macro lenses for photogrammetry, Non Parametric CAD tips, Cleaning by color in Agisoft, Is Cheaper getting better?, OMG a 3d selfie! (1)

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Silent Step Stick, More updates on Colorfabb nGen, Printing a Big Tetra horse on the N2, Instructables, Separate Connected Surfaces, Downward coolling fans

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Creative Commons Licensing, Full color 3D printing, Scared of Scanning?, Using Meshmixer with soluble support material - hidden tricks & tips, Printing Belts

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eBay Takedown, CraftBot+ Build Plate, 3DPrinting Food... Really?, Meshmixer 3.0 and its new multi-material capabilities, Rumba heater problem, Raise3DN2 First look, Raise3D Fixed Bed

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